Maratea, Monte San Biagio e Redentore.
8 ore
Monte Cocuzzo, Tortorella - Escursione per esperti.
5 ore
San Fantino - Ranch lungo il fiume Bussento
In questo itinerario ammireremo la costa campana e lucana caratterizzata da montagne che cadono a picco sul mare profondo.
8 ore
Sentiero "Apprezzami l'asino"
8 ore
Cilento in barca a vela
12 ore

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Trump management really wants to enable loan companies to phone 7 times an and text, email as much as they want week

Customer advocates state the proposition seems made to shield collectors from legal actions rather than assist customers

Christopher Fultz peered at their phone during a rest at their task as a paramedic and saw a uncommon text displaying their title in every caps.

Go through the website website link, stated the message, that has been from the number he didn’t recognize.

Fultz, 36, initially ignored the text but fundamentally observed the web link resulting in a web page requesting their Social Security quantity. Fultz stated then he noticed a financial obligation collector who over and over called and kept exactly just just what Fultz considered threatening sound mails had found a fresh means into their life.

“I became appalled. They can’t deliver texts if it is a debt collector,” said Fultz, of Ohio. “It was just shocking that they would accomplish that. It felt like a fraud.” Fultz filed suit while the commercial collection agency company paid him $3,500 as an element of a settlement.

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